Debt Protocol
Structure of the debt protocol - Tiers
To maintain a cyclical debt within the protocol, the users are dispersed in 5 tiers according to the number of "DEBT" tokens they have. The higher stage you are, the more of a creditor you are. You therefore receive debts from other people. Conversely, the less "debt" tokens you have, the less you participate in the system. You are a debtor and therefore have debts to pay.
This is done automatically, which means that if you have debts to pay to a higher tier, DEBT will be deducted from your account. You will also receive debt tokens from the tiers bellow you and even from the tiers above you depending on their actions for the system.
The debt incurred is reflected every 10 minutes in each user’s wallet and amounts to 2% of the total holdings per day. It is updated in the pool above every time a user does a transaction.
If a user owns 1M DEBT token, he will have to pay 20k tokens (2%) every day. This means that he will see his token decrease every 10 minutes by 208 tokens and reach a total amount of 20k DEBT after 24 hours. Those 2% will be credited to its creditors, which means the wallets in the Tier above the user. It also means that users in the Tiers below are your debtors and will pay you 2% each day.
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