Debt Protocol

Debt protection

For holders

Holders play an essential role in the debt protocol. Indeed, they stabilize the economy and make it more fluid. Therefore, they are rewarded.
Tokens will count twice as much if the user has never sold. The purchase will not affect his protection until he sells
User A has 100’000 DEBT tokens. If he never sold, the system counts his tokens as if he had 200’000 DEBT. It can therefore place the user higher in tiers.
However the user’s balance still shows 100’000 DEBT in its wallet and this does not affect the dollar value of its holdings. If he sells, he will sell for 100’000 DEBT and not 200’000 DEBT.

For debtors

People who have more debts than interests make profits without having to buy DEBT tokens or participate more in the system. We made this to protect first of all the lowest tiers and to rebalance the debtors and creditors.
2% fee is applied to all DEBT tokens being sold and redistributed to the pool of the Tier below.

Debt opportunity for the highest tier

The highest tier has no debts to pay. He is therefore a full creditor. People who hold the most DEBT tokens have the most influence on how debt unfolds throughout the ecosystem. Therefore they get incentives to ensure the stability of the ecosystem.